Using Optimal EFT for dreams of terror - a phone session with Irwin.

Hi Everyone,

Study this session and follow-up to learn a creative way to bring peace to nightmares.  Many good tips here.  Note, however, that his physical health has not yet improved.  More work to do.

e-hugs, Gary

Here's the phone session, followed by Irwin's follow up letter.

Here's Irwin's follow up letter.

Subject: Good dream progress

Hi Gary,

Here is an update to the work we did on my nightmares with the room. Since then, I work daily with Optimal EFT on that room. So far I have not had any bad dreams about the room. In fact my dreams have become nicer with less fear and anxiety.

I did have three remarkable dreams this week. In one, I was in my room in bed and a friend I knew came up to me to help me heal. Like often happens, I panicked in the dream for no reason and started screaming in terror. I could tell that I was also screaming in the "real world". This happens very often in my dreams but this time I didn't wake up. Instead, the terror stopped and the dream continued with no anxiety. I woke up and knew I had to tell you about it. Then I went to sleep and the dream continued with pleasant feelings.

In the second dream, I was running along a road and a man came up along side of me. I knew I had to imitate his movements or I would be in trouble. So I ran along side of him. He jumped onto a small hill, I followed. Suddenly he jumped off a cliff. Without a second thought, I leaped off the cliff and floated to the ground. I have never had a dream like that before. If I jumped or fell in a dream, I would wake up screaming.

I also have frequent dreams that I am teaching and no one is listening to me. These dreams happen in the same classroom. I wake up with anxiety. Last night, I was teaching in that room again and there was no anxiety and the students were listening to me. Another sign that something is shifting in me.

I am also sleeping better. So that is more progress. My health continues to get worse at an alarming rate. At least something is shifting in my emotional and dream world.

e-love, Irwin