Optimal EFT makes impressive progress with a severely autistic 10 year old boy

Hi Everyone,

Diane Roy provides this encouraging article for all those dealing with Autism.

e-Hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,  Good news.....

My daughter, my son-in-law and I did a surrogate EFT session for my 10 year old grandson, Alexandre (severely autistic).  Good success.

Since he was very young, Alexandre could not tolerate the intro music playing at the beginning of all movies.  He was having heavy reactions, covering ears, etc and after 5 minutes or so he was ok to watch the movie. We don't know why? it was a mystery for us.

Today, after doing our surrogate Optimal EFT for him, my daughter called me and confirmed Alexandre is watching the movie intros with No reaction at all.  He is just laughing and keeps on watching the movie intro....it is really a big shift....for us....Wonderful.

We will keep working on Alexandre to help him more.

Thanks again for Optimal EFT
Merci beaucoup!