Elizabeth Gelhard's cut finger stopped bleeding due to The Unseen Therapist and a "knowing."

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes, with Optimal EFT, we get some impressive feedback from The Spiritual Dimension.  While this doesn't always happen, it is wise to highlight the experience when it does.


Hello Gary,
I wanted to share with you something that happened a couple of days ago. It may not seem to be a huge event but, at the time it was remarkable.

I was chopping vegetables when I cut my finger. I should tell you I was a nurse for 18 years but hate the sight of my own blood and I have a somewhat slow blood clotting time.

As I dashed across the hallway from kitchen to the cloakroom the thought rushed through my mind that I should use EFT tapping on it.  This thought was immediately followed by the knowledge I didn't need to bleed, I just needed to ask The Unseen Therapist to stop the bleeding. This 'knowing' occurred as I went to put my finger under the cold tap and guess what?,  Yes the bleeding just stopped! Okay, it was just a cut finger which is not a massive event, but that powerful moment of 'knowing' was overwhelming and empowering. And it worked!

Elizabeth Gelhard