Optimal EFT brings relief to Crohn's Disease, "It just brought this incredible sense of peace."

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Patsy Anthony and I discuss the extra layer of benefits (peace) that Optimal EFT can provide.  Many people report this and it is evidence of the deeper levels we are reaching with this spiritually oriented process.  

To be complete, I am including her email to me below.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,
I returned from Hawaii with a huge sense of peace, in my body and spirit. This peace remained with me during the work week. I have nothing but compassion toward the person of whom we spoke, and I have noticed a kindness in her which was not apparent before. My stomach is healthy and I have been enjoying Hawaiian macadamia nuts ( a symptomatic test of Crohn's).

Today on your webinar, a point was made of the shifts that take place with Optimal EFT:
1) a sense of peace and relief
2) a feeling of not being concerned anymore
3) previous thinking will be reframed
4) compassion for people who were irritating
5) decisions might be changed 

I have experienced all these shifts since having the privilege of a session with you. With regards to #5, for the first time in months, I feel inspired to continue teaching, rather than retiring at the end of this school year. 
I feel like my true self again.

Much Gratitude to you, Gary.
Patsy Anthony