Chalk boxes with rules by Joel Goldsmith

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Many thanks to Irwin Friedman for submitting this article.  It displays some centerpiece ideas of Optimal EFT.  Irwin says, "I want to share this excerpt from a Joel Goldsmith talk. He nails this issue about sickness, death and illusion. Maybe other readers would benefit."

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Excerpt - Tape 158
1956 Chicago Closed Class
by Joel Goldsmith

Oh, we've all played this game where we've made chalk marks on the sidewalk. Boxes. Somebody chases us until we're inside that box. Then we can't get out again until we pay a forfeit or something.

Who says we can't get out? There's nothing there but a chalk mark to keep us in.

Oh, but there's the rule of the game. Ah, the rule says you must stay in. And so poor obedient fools we stay in. But it’s alright while it’s a game. But wouldn't it be terrible if the other children went home while we're in that box and didn't release us. And we still felt we can't get out of that box. When all we have to do is step across.

And the Master Christ Jesus saw lots of people playing that game. They were sitting crippled at gates and in the streets. And He just looked over and said, "What did hinder you? Get up and walk."

And they got up and walked.

They found out when they made the effort to get up and walk that there was nothing hindering them.

They were just obeying a rule of human life that says under certain conditions and at a certain age you must be paralyzed. And they accepted it. Theirs was the condition and there was the age and they did.

But He saw the chalk mark there and said, "There is nothing hindering you. Get up and walk."
Now He didn't call on God, did He, to heal those people?

He didn't even call on God when He stood before the corpse of Lazarus. He said, I don't have to pray to God. Oh, but for the sake of the ignorant ones standing around I'll do a little praying.
But I don't have to pray to God.

"Lazarus come forth!" And Lazarus got up and came forth.

What was hindering him?

The rules of the game that said that when you lie down you must be dead.

God isn't going to raise Lazarus from the dead. And God isn't going to raise the impotent man at the gate or at the lake or at the pond. God isn't going to heal disease.

Somebody's going to come along that sees that the laws of disease are chalk marks. And they're going to say, "What did hinder you?"

And you look around and say, "Nothing." ....what did hinder you? What hindrance is there Now to your life, to your mind, to your body?

And you can tell me the symptoms and the diagnosis. I know all about that. But that has nothing to do with the Truth of Being. The bondage is because of those diagnoses and those symptoms. Those are the white marks that imprison us.

That's what’s holding us in bondage is a symptom or an appearance or a suggestion or what somebody told us.

The answer to every problem is the word "I." And the word "Now."

I Now Am. 

Joel Goldsmith