How Papi G. recovered from severe Celiac Disease.

Hi Everyone,

This is an inspirational story... a story about how one lady diligently applied herself to learn, in detail, all the free instructions on our website... From Gold Standard EFT (tapping)... to Optimal EFT (ACIM too) and rid herself entirely of an "impossible to cure" disease.  She says, "And it all seemed to come together for me. In late March, I felt like things had changed for me. And I got this notion that I didn’t have Celiac Disease.  So I went out, bought a box of crackers, brought them home..."

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

As you’ve requested…I’m sending along the details of the profound and wonderful changes in my world that I am attributing to Gold Standard EFT, then to Optimal EFT, and to starting ACIM (the last one just a few weeks ago).

Here’s my story in a nutshell.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 15 years ago (that’s the auto-immune disease whereby the immune system starts attacking various parts of the body whenever gluten is ingested). I had an incredibly sensitive type of Celiac Disease and couldn’t even walk through the bakery section of a grocery store because inhaling a bit of flour would make me severely ill for 3 days and then take me a full 10 days to get back to normal. 

In the same year, I was also diagnosed with a very rare type of neuro-muscular problem called a ‘channelopathy’ (a voltage-gated channel ion disorder…think of it like an electrical problem in the muscles) which in my case was causing progressive and permanent muscle weakness. The disorder causes pain, weakness, and over time can rob a person of their mobility. By the age of 40, I needed a cane to get around sometimes because of weak muscles. In my heart, I knew that a wheelchair was not far off for me.

In an effort to ‘get as healthy as possible’ while preparing for the worst, me and my husband gave up our lives in a metropolitan area and decided to build a farm somewhere very clean where we could grow all our own food, thereby guaranteeing that my food was absolutely devoid of any offending chemicals that could make me worse. We decided to move to a tiny and remote village in the countryside and started farming. We also built a house that was totally wheelchair accessible. 

After 5 solid years of eating nothing but what we grew ourselves, I was doing okay. While I still had the neuromuscular problems, it seemed that I was getting weaker on a slower schedule (if that makes sense). I still used a cane occasionally and started using crutches once in a while.

Then in November 2015 something totally unrelated brought a huge amount of stress into my life. Without going into detail, the local government wanted to approve the building of a very large garbage incinerator right near our farm. If approved, we would have to leave our home and farm because the run-off from the incinerator would poison our food, air and land. We joined the community in fighting the incinerator and after a grueling fight, the incinerator proposal was voted down. So we won the battle, and didn’t have to move.

But something from that battle (I’m guessing stress) caused my health to go into a severe nose-dive. I became sicker and weaker and started feeling incredibly terrified of everyone and everything. It was like I was waiting for someone to come and steal me away.

In January of 2016, I had a very, very bad turn for the worst with my health. I was a total mess, and was totally overwhelmed with everything. My husband made a very chance remark that it was almost like I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)… like my body was reacting severely to something that no-one else but me could see. That remark triggered something in me, and I went hunting on the internet for the latest help for PTSD.

I have a psychology degree but had never worked in the psychology field, and hadn’t really read up on PTSD since my university days nearly 20 years ago. So I was surprised by all the new treatment options available today. I happened upon a video of someone doing Gold Standard EFT tapping on a person with PTSD. At first I thought it was crazy. But I was absolutely at my wit’s end with my problems and needed something to help me, so I gave it a try and tapped along with the videos. 

I used the tapping first on physical sensations (muscle spasms and pain). And it worked! So I kept doing it, and searched the internet for more videos. I really really wanted to find a therapist who could help me through all of this via the internet…but everyone I contacted wanted upwards of $80 USD per hour and many wanted me to commit to and pay for 10 sessions up front! This just stressed me out completely because I didn’t have that kind of money, and didn’t have the confidence in this therapy or the therapists yet to make the serious financial commitment.

I just kept wishing someone out there could just explain how this tapping is done, and I would do it myself. And then I came upon and it was like God had answered my prayers. There was the entire course…laid out from A-Z online, available right now, on your website, for free.

For the next 2 weeks I spent every waking moment reading every scrap of information on your website, and practicing along with every video. I took 4 notebooks of notes. I re-watched videos again and again. I read as many articles from the site as I could. And I started working on myself.

I began with looking at the writing on my walls. My tail-enders. My list of grudges. All the people who ‘owed me’, all the people who had wronged me, etc, etc, etc. And I started the Personal Peace Procedure by listing all the events I thought needed clearing. I was shocked and horrified by how many many pages and pages of events I had listed. I realized that something was severely wrong with the way I was living my life.

I always considered myself a nice person. I was friendly, kind, helpful. I even learned how to do Reiki a few years back, and thought of myself as quite spiritually evolved. I had enjoyed my work (advertising/radio broadcasting/internet marketing/fiction and humor-writing), and I thought I really liked people.

But once I started knocking down the table legs on my issues and collapsing my King-Henry-the-Eighth-sized-table-tops of issues, I realized I was anything but happy, anything but nice, anything but spiritually evolved.

One by one, I collapsed various issues using the tapping method. I tapped so much that I literally wore a bald-spot into my right eyebrow.

Then I did my first Optimal EFT Webinar, and started adding that into my morning and nightly routine. I radiated love as much as possible just in my regular day. With each Webinar, I heard more and more about something called A Course In Miracles. And finally one day, I looked it up online, and started doing the lessons each day. Then I learned they had a book, and I bought it and started reading it.

And it all seemed to come together for me. In late March, I felt like things had changed for me. And I got this notion that I didn’t have Celiac Disease.

So I went out, bought a box of crackers, brought them home, tapped on my fear, asked The Unseen Therapist in to watch over the whole thing, and for the first time in nearly 15 years: I ate a cracker. I sat on my bed, and waited. This amount of gluten would have caused serious illness for me within 5 minutes of ingestion…so I sat on the bed in case I had to fall somewhere.

I waited 30 minutes. Then 60 minutes. I did a whole bunch of tapping and Optimal EFT at bedtime because I was really scared I’d wake up in real trouble. But I slept soundly.

The next day I ate some bread. And then the next day I ate more and more and more gluten-containing items. I then started trying processed foods that would have made me very sick. And I was fine.

Then I moved onto things that had to be laced with chemicals like pesticides and fungicides. And I was fine. There was even one day when I decided to try vinegar (it gave me terrible rashes). The back of my hands grew hot and bumpy with a terrible rash. So I tapped on it, and told myself it wasn’t real. And I watched it simply go away! Each day the rash returned after eating vinegar, and I tapped it away. On the fourth day, the rash didn’t appear, and hasn’t returned since.

In the meantime, I noticed I had more energy and my muscles felt very strong. I took my channelopathy trigger list…and started working through them. None of the items triggered any kind of problem for me. It seemed my channelopathy-neuromuscular-sure-to-put-me-in-a-wheelchair problem was gone.

And that’s my story up until now. It has only been less than 3 months since I even heard of EFT, and just about 6 weeks that I started reading ACIM. Not a very long time at all. But to me, it is like a million years has gone by. I am a totally different person now, so much so, that I don’t really know who I am without all the health problems that had occupied every waking minute of my life for so many many years. 

Aside from participating in your Webinars, I’ve been doing this on my own, at my own pace. I’m folding together Optimal EFT and ACIM and using them dozens and dozens of times a day along with regular study of the material. I still tap on physical things…but then I make sure to sit down with myself and explore what fear/grievance/conflict is behind the problem. The answer, and peace, is always there waiting for me if I am really, really honest about myself.

So Gary, thank you for creating this program. And thank you for putting it all out there on the internet for folks (like me) in great need of a lifeline. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do now, where I’m supposed to do it or how to do it….but I don’t make those decisions for myself anymore, so I’m confident things will get sorted as they are supposed to.

The Spirit in me reaches out and connects to the Spirit in you and smiles in recognition.

All the best,
Papi G.

Follow up: 

This is Gabriella Papic writing to give you a quick update as requested on my celiac issue. Good news: It has been almost 4 months since I reintroduced gluten back into my regular diet. I'm eating gluten at pretty much every meal and am having zero health problems.

This is the first summer in over 15 years that I can have things like pizza and garlic bread and ice-cream in a cone. I walk around feeling like I'm in some sort of dream and am astounded that I can now eat whatever I want.