Optimal EFT and how it has helped me with social anxiety.

Hi Everyone,

Celia Mack tried everything, including the tapping form of EFT, for her long standing, deeply embedded social anxiety.  Learn how Optimal EFT has initiated recovery on many fronts.  She says, "Optimal EFT has started to shift a longstanding problem for me in a way normal EFT has not ever been able to do despite years trying/experimenting with it."

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary

I am a longtime student of EFT and have been watching your Optimal EFT webinars with great interest and excitement. I watched your last Webinar from June 5th where you asked people to let you know how we were getting on with Optimal EFT.  So, here's my experience.

Optimal EFT has started to shift a longstanding problem for me in a way normal EFT has not ever been able to do despite years trying/experimenting with it. 

I have had social anxiety for over 30 years. I believe much of it stemmed from having a mother with social anxiety and "learning" it off her and also from my catholic upbringing and education (14 years at convent school!) where we were never encouraged to believe that we were good or whole or of value: I have always felt just not good enough and that everyone around me was better/more worthy. I have struggled with these feelings all this time and turned to EFT, hypnosis and meditation etc. in an attempt to alleviate them. However whilst these tools helped me to understand my anxiety better and therefore feel more in control and not be so scared of it, none of the tools ever really did more than take the edge off it.

However with Optimal EFT and inviting the Unseen Therapist to resolve it, I have made greater shifts in a couple of months than I have done in all the 10 years of trying EFT and other healing approaches. And I think it's down to this one fundamental thing:

Despite believing in a spiritual dimension and yearning to have a better connection with God, my faith never felt very congruent with me... too much subservience and supplication and I never felt a real connection with God despite believing that God was there. I felt that God was not speaking back to me... 

But with Optimal EFT I instantly felt a connection to God. I felt love and support from God in a way I have never done before. I felt a unity and a oneness with God and it is truly lovely, like I can relax into life because I know God is definitely there...God has got me, I am not alone. 

It has taken this spiritual dimension of EFT to make me realise I am not unwanted/unloved/not good enough which have been my self beliefs all this time. I am loved by God and connected to God and am equal to and at one with everyone else on this earth. And the Optimal EFT works on two levels - cognitively I know I am loved and connected to God but I also feel an instant physical and emotional lightening which is a glorious feeling. I am doing my personal peace procedure on all the many instances and memories where I felt bad about myself and am doing Optimal EFT on them until they are not just neutralised but turned into positive reservoirs instead. So I only have to think of what was once an unpleasant memory with associated negative emotions and physical heaviness and instead I get a jolt of calm, energy and joy! It's amazing! 

So the social anxiety is still there but it is definitely gradually alleviating as I continue my PPP. I am enjoying so much my new connection to God, feeling loved and supported and unified. And I am now sending all that love out to the people in my life too and hope that some of them may be open to Optimal EFT too when the time is right. I have also been reading A Course In Miracles and feeling a real resonance for all that teaches us too.

To finish up - I want to thank you, Gary, most sincerely, for bringing Optimal EFT to the world's attention.

With love