Bianca von Heiroth from France gives details on the many benefits of her Optimal EFT Group

Hi Everyone,

Those involved in Optimal EFT Groups may appreciate some of the details Bianca gives us with her successful gatherings.


Dear Gary

Regarding our Optimal EFT Groups....

So far we have had 19 sessions of 2 hours, 34 sessions will complete the study that ends in mid December.

The group comprises 12 participants, all seasoned tappers. It is, of course,free.

A few didn't catch on at once.  They had a more "wait and see" attitude, so I had to put in extra sessions so everybody had a chance to participate in a more important number of sessions...

Before I had done a similar, but smaller experiment, on EFT with animals, also on Skype. It appears that everybody's intuition and confidence in EFT was enhanced. It was thrilling and I learned a lot.

The "old bunch" of animal experimenters caught on at once booking all the session they could, and the newbies very quickly afterwards. Everybody is on time and everybody shows up. Cool.

We begin with 2 rounds of Optimal EFT including us all. The 2nd is preceded by a round of tapping on the "blocks to true peace". We end the session with a round of Optimal EFT with the intention to be be "all one".

I am a bit overwhelmed by all the material because I chose, again this time, to participate on the same level as the others by minimizing as far as possible any lead from my part. I mean, my own experience is also very strong. Because I participate myself, and I am not an Optimal EFT old timer, and it is free, I have chosen to "play" with my students. This is of course a limit that I hope to cross in some time.

I think my own classical tapping has taken a leap forward thanks to Optimal EFT. All the others say they feel more and more fluidity. At the end of the experiment I will ask them to fill in a kind of questionnaire.

Apart from occasional technical difficulties with Skype, the only problem I have met so far is to ask a few participants to refocus on The Unseen Therapist, and not call upon "magic", wisdom, shamanistic or oriental. I am not against other spiritual approaches, but for this experiment I want to stay as close as possible to Optimal EFT and also to A Course In Miracles (ACIM) that I am studying.

Love and gratitude,