Annie Hlavats relieves arthritic knee in astonishing fashion by watching a recording of one of our Optimal EFT webinars.

Hi Everyone,

Annie Hlavats wrote the following message to me.  Note that she also told me in a subsequent email that she "was also imagining a white light sending love to my knee while you (Gary) were working with the participant."

While not everyone gets this kind of result, we have had many impressive healings through the Optimal EFT process.

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary, I just want to share an amazing result with you. Yesterday I was watching your webinar #2 on Optimal EFT. One of the participants was a woman who had a burning pain in one of her knees and leg. i just happen to have arthritis in my knees and my right knee hurts a lot when I go up or down the stairs, When you did the healing process with that lady, my right leg stated shaking, then jerking, My knee began to pop and crack, and by the end of the session my pain was gone. My husband was sitting beside me, he was flabbergasted. I tested the results by going up and down the stairs: no more pain! This morning I am still free of pain. I can't wait to learn more about this technique. Thank you for all the good work you do for humanity. It is priceless.