Helen Blom uses Optimal EFT to help her 9 year old daughter go to sleep.

Hi Everyone,

Here's a short article that may be useful for parents and children everywhere.

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

Two days ago my daughter of 9 years old couldn’t sleep as bad things happened in school that day. I tapped her (normally she falls asleep then), but that didn’t work.

So she came down, sat on my lap and started to babble about everything. So I asked her to be quiet for a minute and I went back to the bad situation at school that she told me about and "became her" and invited in The Unseen Therapist.

After 20 seconds I felt her relaxation as she started to yawn. After 1 minute I stopped, brought her back to bed and she felt very good the next morning.  No complaints about not wanting to go to school :-). 

Helen Blom