Lorraine Palmer shares several Optimal EFT experiences: Heart issues, eye floater reduction, pain and panic attack.

Hi Everyone,

Here's an email I received from Lorraine Palmer describing numerous positive experiences with Optimal EFT.  Note that some of these improvements occurred WHILE WATCHING OUR OPTIMAL EFT VIDEOS.  Other people have reported this as well.  Since there is no time in the spiritual dimension, it shouldn't matter if we are participating in a healing that was recorded some "time" ago.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary, thank you for sharing the wonderful gift of OEFT with the world.

I find it very interesting that this info is showing up in so many ways. Your past work with EFT, Dr. Emoto's work with water, and the advancements of quantum science has done much to alter our understanding of how this persistent hologram works. Everyone from Tesla, Einstein, Jung and many sages have been telling us that we create this world with our thoughts and that we have a collective consciousness. I think it is much like the hundredth monkey theory and is becoming a part of our awareness. You are advancing this knowledge in the most profound and loving way. Thank you, Bless you.

I have been using a 3rd eye, quantum meditation for a couple of years now and have gotten interesting and amazing results...FOR OTHER PEOPLE! Like the traditional EFT, I get good results but not lasting results. I find it helpful to reduce stress but again it is limiting for me. I began practicing the Optimal EFT the day you put the info up on your website. Amazing results to say the least - mostly for other people but I did notice a difference in myself. My head tingles every time I do the practice. I feel calmer, more connected and a peacefulness I haven't had in a very long time.

I had some interesting experiences with OEFT so far and wanted to share those with you. The most profound changes so far has been from watching your videos. I could not attend the live webinars because of my work schedule. So I watched the first video you posted, which was the 2nd webinar. I was having a heart problem and I did the practice along with video even though it was a recording. My heart jumped, twisted, hurt and then was fine. Has been fine ever since. Even when the stress level of raising 3 special needs grandchildren - one with severe autism and seizure disorder.

I think my gatekeeper often prevents me from getting help with these techniques but they have been highly effective in helping others. I was thrilled and grateful for the amazing results from just watching and interacting with the video!

Watching the first video tonight, I did the practice for Charlotte's eye problem. My own eyes received great benefit. I had a reduction of floater by about 75%. I have been told there is nothing that can be done for that and eventually it could lead to a torn retina. I think they haven't met my Unseen Therapist!

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and this week I began incorporating the practice into my therapies. One client I have seen every week for 12 years always has pain and chronic fatigue. The therapies help but don't last - Usually. I was doing Bowen Massage on her and while she was face down I invited the Unseen Therapist into the session and sent the love through my hands. When she got off the table - she was completely pain free and said she had never felt so good! She called me 3 days later to tell me she felt wonderful and the pain had not returned - even after being in the garden for 2hrs!

The last thing I will share is that I introduced the OEFT to my meditation group and we are using it to help each other and our friends, family and extended family. Some interesting and amazing results! Will update you on all of those soon. I have found the group very helpful because it works better to have someone else work on you.

Sorry for the lengthy message, I just wanted to thank you and give you a report from the trenches!

God bless,

PS:  I have to tell you about today. I went to the dentist for a very severe tooth problem. I went into a panic attack which surprised me. I really thought I had gotten past that with EFT in the past.

I immediately began tapping and trying to calm my breathing. The light bulb came on and I switched to Optimal EFT! I felt overwhelming love! The anxiety stopped and we got through the appt. without any problems! My heart never missed a beat or had any symptoms either!! This was a real success and blessing for me.