Gary's introduction to Sheri Baker's articles on A Course In Miracles (ACIM) ... A bridge from Gold Standard EFT to Optimal EFT (Sheri Baker on ACIM: Article #1)

Sheri Baker

Sheri Baker

Dear Friends,

For many readers this series by my dear colleague, Sheri Baker, will be compelling … insightful … refreshing … a magic carpet ride that will whisk us off into the glorious land of our true selves. 

However, it is not for everyone.

It’s focus will be on blending A Course In Miracles (ACIM) with Gold Standard EFT and, in the process, providing a bridge from the tapping form of EFT (Gold Standard EFT) to the higher order involved in the spiritually oriented Optimal EFT.

ACIM is a set of spiritual principles that, to me, is the most stunning document ever written.  Accordingly, its many thought provoking ideas find their way into Optimal EFT.  To others, however, its radical concepts are far too “belief busting” to be of practical use.  As a result, Sheri’s series will be of most interest to those who (1) are already ACIM students and want to learn more from this accomplished student or (2) would like quality exposure to these spiritual teachings, particularly as they relate to EFT.

I am so impressed with Sheri's knowledge and dedication in this area that I counsel with her frequently for advanced ACIM topics. She is also a seasoned EFT'er and is one of the few to pass one of our previous certification exams with a score of 100%.  For those interested, her writings will be an informational and fun trip into an eye-opening spiritual spiral that has dramatically shifted my world view. 

Note, however, that this series is NOT required to advance your understanding of Optimal EFT.  Spiritual teachings vary widely and Optimal EFT can be used to advance you along any pursuit of your choice.  So this offering is simply an option ... a path from which to borrow ... for those who find it attractive.

FYI, Sheri has written a one-of-a-kind study guide that blends ACIM with EFT. It is called “Tapping into the Truth – The Healing Power of Integrating A Course In Miracles and EFT.” To the right is a brief video introducing Sheri and her study guide.   More details at her website

e-hugs, Gary

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